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Why DFS is ‘The One’ For You

We Work Hard For Hard Working People

We believe that everyone deserves personalized planning & active account management, regardless of their wealth.


Trustworthiness & Integrity is Our Motto

With thousands of happy investors, we are a top distributor in India registered with AMFI and hold an ARN of 3350. We would never sell something to you just for the distribution fees-we only want what's best for you.

You’re Always in the Loop With Us!

We aim to make sure that you and we are always on the same page, whether it's a quick phone call, a meeting in person, or a report.

Our track record speaks for itself!

We are one of the leading distributors in India registered with AMFI having ARN - 3350. We commit to transparency and our recommendations are based solely on the client's best interests. We believe in providing honest, unbiased advice maintaining our credibility.

Our Aim



We sit with you to Understant your Needs, Wants, Fears About Investing.


We Analyze your information to determine the right tools for the job
& set your investment in motion.


We continuously Evaluate how you’re tracking towards your goals.

Awards and Honors

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